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Re: Homeschooling?

We have used the K12 curriculum since 2001 and love it. We were living in So. Mississippi at the time and purchased the curriculum direction from K12 Inc. and used it as we wanted. In 2006 we moved to Wisconsin and had the option to use the same curriculum in a Virtual Academy setting. Many states offer a variety of ways to use the K12 curriculum. You can always purchase it and use it as you wish. Many states have Virtual Academies or Charter schools that use the K12 curriculum. That is what we were looking for since we love the curriculum. I also needed the support of teachers since they were reaching middle school years. We are now in California Virtual Academy, again, using K12 curriculum. We love it. These Virtual Academies are public schools so the curriculum is paid for from your taxes. You have access to teachers who have been wonderful. They really have the attitude of working with the parent to help the child. Both of my children are now in high school and well on their way to graduating with honors. My daughter (Senior) has even taken a few college courses the past 2 years and has had no problem at all. This curriculum is awesome and prepares the students for higher learning. It does take involvement of parents, especially when they are little, but it is well worth it. Even though it is a "virtual" school, they are not on the computer all the time. Very engaging curriculum and use of the computer and plenty of support for parents.
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