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DS was severely jaundiced and on a bili light at home for two weeks (or more.. Can't remember exactly). He was as yellow as they come, but before the pediatrician could even say anything after "jaundice" I told her there was NO WAY my son was getting one single drop of formula. Not a drop.

So I nursed for 20, 30, 40 minutes or more at a time and pumped after EVERY. SINGLE. feeding - even the 2 a.m. ones, THAT sucked - for two weeks, until his bili levels were normal and his weight was above birth weight.

DH or my mom would give the bottle from the previous pumping session while I pumped for the next feeding. It was absolutely exhausting. I remember going to bed at 6 pm and crying when I had to get up and nurse AND pump because I was so exhausted and DS wouldn't latch because he was so lethargic. But it was SO worth every minute to me because I can say my son was EBF from day 1 and never, ever had any formula. (and once we stopped supplementing with pumped bm, it didn't take long at all to build up a huge stash! )
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