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Re: Jaundice and formula/breastfeeding

OP, I am sorry to read that the LO has to go back to the hospital. One thing to remember is that the faster baby gets rid of the bili, the faster she will be more alert and more able to stay awake to latch. So, it may well be that a little formula may actually speed mom and baby's ability to form a long lasting breastfeeding relationship. Just another way of looking at it. Hopefully in the hospital she will find good support from the N/PICU staff to help her pump and feed that to baby and they will have LCs on staff to help her with baby's lethargy and rebuilding that breastfeeding relationship.

But, more important than that is that baby is being treated!

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
DS was severely jaundiced and on a bili light at home for two weeks (or more.. Can't remember exactly). He was as yellow as they come, but before the pediatrician could even say anything after "jaundice" I told her there was NO WAY my son was getting one single drop of formula. Not a drop.

So I nursed for 20, 30, 40 minutes or more at a time and pumped after EVERY. SINGLE. feeding - even the 2 a.m. ones, THAT sucked - for two weeks, until his bili levels were normal and his weight was above birth weight.

DH or my mom would give the bottle from the previous pumping session while I pumped for the next feeding. It was absolutely exhausting. I remember going to bed at 6 pm and crying when I had to get up and nurse AND pump because I was so exhausted and DS wouldn't latch because he was so lethargic. But it was SO worth every minute to me because I can say my son was EBF from day 1 and never, ever had any formula. (and once we stopped supplementing with pumped bm, it didn't take long at all to build up a huge stash! )
It is stories like these that always make me wonder. I was very fortunate to have been able to EBF each of my children, even my middle who wore a biliblanket and I had to pump while I was back at the hospital with a spinal headache. But, I never felt like it was a contest and often I read posts where it seems like people feel it is. Yay - I was crying and so exhausted that I was in bed at 6 and my mother and DH had to take care of my newborn for me -- but he never got formula. I don't think I would have made that trade off.
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