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Re: help me build my tinkle traps!

When I did my order with Tammy, I had a personal conversation with her live and she helped me figure out what I want. I HIGHLY recommend you chat with her if you need help understanding your options and choosing what's best for you.

I ended up with serged - she recommended this UNLESS your baby has super sensitive skin. I was very happy with this.

I had my soakers sewn in - she also recommended this. I loved it. They were only stitched in on 1 side, so they still dried really fast, but didn't require any extra stuffing. They never came loose so they were sewn in very securely.

I did mine closureless - which she also recommended. I really liked this. My mom didn't have any trouble with it and I used pins (she had used old fashioned ones on us so was super handy at pinning). But, I can totally see the validity in having a handful of velcro for any one who isn't handy with pinning. This would have benefited me with my older children (who could no longer do diaper changes b/c of the pins), with sitters who weren't comfortable with pins, and honestly my husband who did it but was never very comfortable with it.

She knew my child was a boy so she adjusted where the soaker was put in. This worked out great.

I cannot for the life of me remember which fabric I used. But, I do know that in our live conversations, she asked me a series of questions about me, my child, my views on certain fabrics,etc. Based on that info, she made a recommendation. I went with that and was very happy.

As an added sidenote, all of her recommendations were THE cheapest options - which I really appreciated b/c I was getting like 30 done. And, I felt like she was recommending what she really thought was best for me and not trying to upsell the process.

Hope this helps!!
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