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Re: Jaundice and formula/breastfeeding

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
It is stories like these that always make me wonder. I was very fortunate to have been able to EBF each of my children, even my middle who wore a biliblanket and I had to pump while I was back at the hospital with a spinal headache. But, I never felt like it was a contest and often I read posts where it seems like people feel it is. Yay - I was crying and so exhausted that I was in bed at 6 and my mother and DH had to take care of my newborn for me -- but he never got formula. I don't think I would have made that trade off.
I totally understand what you're saying. But to some degree, I think breastfeeding moms almost have to have this "do or die" mentality about breastfeeding. The first few weeks are really hard. It's going to be so tempting to give in and give a bottle, or whatever. But I don't think enough moms realize that a) it gets easier after a few weeks and that b) every bottle the baby gets has the potential to adversely affect breastfeeding. I know so many women who sincerely wanted to breastfeed but who didn't realize that some of the choices they made in the first few days/weeks set them up for failure.
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