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Re: How can I turn this breech baby

I tried spinning babies and a chiropractor. I really think the chiropractor helped release tight tendons and make more room for ds. I also tried doing headstands in a swimming pool and just swimming in general, I tried shining a flashlight on my belly and trying to get the baby to follow it down, I've heard people trying that with music as well. I tried sitting in a warm bath and putting and ice pack on the top of my belly. At 37 weeks he was almost transvers, I went to an old school OB who actually does breech vaginal births and he was actually able to turn him in the office, coolest thing ever. Once turned, he stayed head down (something I was SO worried about) for two weeks till he was born.

Oh, I've also heard that acupuncture can help turn a baby, but I didn't go that route.

I'd suggest looking into OBs in your area that would try an external version, since most MD are not taught the practice anymore I'd suggest looking for an older OB who has a really low c-section rate.
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