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Smile Suggestions for a Newbie

Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place!
I have an almost 2 year old and another due early Feb. We didn't consider CD's earlier with out 2 year old since we were living in apartment with no washer. We are now in a house with a W/D in the basement!
I was hoping to start cloth with the new baby but was planning on keeping my toddler in diapers till he potty trains. He's been having trouble with bad diaper rashes- on top of this 90% of nights he wakes up dry in the morning. I was thinking that CD'ing the toddler at night would be a nice way to keep him out of plastic for almost half the day while also being a good intro to cloth. My husband has been hesitant about cloth and I hope this also might be a good way to gently break him into the idea of using them FT with the new baby.
I have money left in my "sposie budget" this month that I was going to use to buy a few to get started. I would like to get some one size diapers but am not sure how they would fit my toddler who would be at the upper end of the weight limits- he's about 32 lbs now and very tall. Any ideas or suggestions as far as size or brand?
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