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Re: Late talking children

OP, I was in your boat with my son (now 3). My daughter spoke very well, complete sentences people/strangers could understand at a very early age. Jax on the other hand it took him forever to talk. He would communicate, but not with words. Looking back, between myself, DH and his older sister, he didn't really feel the need to start talking because he could grunt, or point at something and it would just be provided. Also, I have heard that boys generally start talking later than girls, so that could be part of it too. Jax was almost 2 before he really started talking I wasn't really that concerned because like I said, he did communicate, he did learn, I could see the wheels turning in his head, but he just didn't talk. Most of my family was though, and at times, they made me think that there may be something wrong. My pedi was great and made me feel better about his late talking abilities, but if I was more concerned, and pushed the issue he would have went with it. If you truly feel in your heart that there is room for concern, then by all means, get him evaluated, but from my own expirence, it is not uncommon.

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