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Re: Late talking children

My kids are all late bloomers/talkers and so are all my brother's kid, and according to FIL, DH was a late talker also. My oldest had only 5 words at 18 months, my almost 4 year old had like 2, and didn't really start talking until she was 2.

My 2 yr old *might* have 3 words. Or, she might have MANY more that she refuses to say. Her receptive language is great, and she's a master at virtually all forms of non verbal communication, from physically manipulating your hands to get you to do what she wants, to communicating with body language, etc etc.

Generally speaking, everything I have read has said that if they ARE communicating (ie getting their point across most of the time) even if it's not verbal communication, and there aren't any other red flags that you are seeing (ie avoiding eye contact, etc) then there's most likely nothing to worry about. However, if you are worried for any reason, getting an eval from early intervention isn't a bad thing. is a website I have been to with some good suggestions. But basically, make sure you are reading to him (I am sure you are,) try to get him to say the name of something before you hand it to him (ie, try to get him to say ball before you give him the ball) and introducing sign language, even at this point, can all help.
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