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Originally Posted by kushie tushie
I have PCOS but havent been posting in the daily chat thread.

I just wanted to add that mamas who are looking for a natural way to try and regulate things should look in to a Gluten free diet.
I got pregnant 2 weeks after going gluten free this time. That was while BFing and only having had 1 pp AF (about 2 1/2 months before I got pregnant). You can find a lot of info online about Gluten Free Diets for PCOS. Now that I'm pregnant again I havent been following it much but will again after I have the baby.
Good luck!

Amanda . Blaming my phone for typos and crap.

I am bfing and ttc. I havent had a ppaf yet though. I have gone gluten free before, and now that you mention it, it was around the time i got preg with dd. I also went on metformin at that same time so i thought that was why.

Whole fam went GF for my son, we were doing an elimination diet at that time.

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