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Re: Late talking children

My ODD was the same as yours, OP. She had a LOT of words REALLY early. She could sign "milk" to nurse at 8 mos! Back then that was "normal" to me and other kids were "slow" ..... Oh how did I get schooled! My DS spoke at an average pace, and now my YDD is late talker. At 19 mos, she has maybe 10 words, all of which she has learned in the last 2-3 mos.

I was very concerned, but my ped said the same thing as yours. Turns out he was right, she just needed a bit more time.

And my YDD's words are weird, too. I can understand them and I know what she is saying but... for example... she says "Gah-Gnee" for doggy and "Gah-gee" for Daddy. She says "Spy-mah-man" for Spiderman and "Gig-gee" for Kitty. The only words that are really clear are "mama" and "poop" Figures. LOL

Each kid is so different. Try to be patient. Don't panic, just keep an eye out and try to encourage talking by singing songs, maybe let your LO watch some sign language vids (this helped w/DD's speech), read a few books here and there and point to things, before you hand anything to your LO, say "here is your ____!" (milk, food, cup, etc) Ask questions to try to engage them. You can say "are you hungry? Do you want to eat?" And then, whether they respond or not, say "Here's your food! MMMM! Let's eat!" and on and on and on about everything you do. It helps. But you do feel a bit whacky. LOL
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