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Re: How can I turn this breech baby

We used frozen peas on my belly to make my DD move when she was breech. I don't remember how far along I was. Pretty far - past 33 wks I think. She was breech.

I put the frozen peas where her head was, and held them there. she moved a little towards my side (transverse), and I kept moving the peas, following her head until she was head down.

Then I did some deep squats and held them as long as I could (supported myself with the couch and DH helped). That got her nice and low.

She stayed head down IRRC. She did move back up and she liked to wedge her head into my right hip (so, head down, with her head in my right hip, and her feet in my ribs on my left side). She did that a couple times, and we would just grab the frozen peas and move her again.

IIRC, we moved her that way maybe 3 times, and then she got too big to keep moving around, but would still flip posterior/anterior. I didn't care as much about that part, though. I just really wanted her head down with her head in my pelvis.

I also continued to do squats whenever I could when I was sure she was head down, to help encourage her to stay there.

For us, this worked fine. It's worth a try, since it's not dangerous and can't hurt anything!

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