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Originally Posted by Hope4More

Gluten free scares me! It's in so much stuff? What is your typical day meal plan look like? Like, what are you eating today?
Gluten free scared me at first too. Once I decided that its what I wanted to do it was easier. Of course you still have trouble getting used to but there are so many options that it really does make it easier.

Restaurants almost always have a gluten free menu and there are so many alternatives at the grocery store.

Gluten is a highly inflammatory food. PCOS is only worsened by inflammatory foods.

A typical day looks like this (with multiple options):
- eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit or fruit smoothie
- eggs , yogurt, gluten free bread for toast
- gluten free cereal (I always keep some at home so I have options)

- tuna salad
- chicken salad, corn chips to dip in salad, cottage cheese
- soup and salad
- gluten free breads for sandwiches
- leftovers

- you can seriously find 1000s of gluten free recipes online.
- curried lentils and rice
- most Mexican recipes can be done with corn chips/tortillas
- any meal with substitutes for gluten (you could do: rice, potatoes, quinoa)

I lost like 5 lbs unintentionally when going gluten free. I'm a very petite women but I always have some chub around my stomach. It seriously melted off. I felt better and had more energy. There is gluten free waffles, breads, bagels, pasta... Seriously, nearly everything has some substitute. Research it online. Once I realize how bad gluten was for women with PCOS I wanted to make the change.
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