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Gift ideas for DD and DH?? Help! :)

I need some inspiration, lol! I'm trying to get a list together for gift ideas, and I need some ideas for the following:

-My 2yo DD for Christmas: I don't want to just get "filler" gifts that are just going to lay around...I don't have a problem with buying little toys that *might* lay around (in the sense of typical toddler play, when your living room is a disaster, lol), as long as it is something that she'll really like or play with. I guess I just don't want to spend money just to have gifts, I want them to be worthwhile, KWIM? She does have a play kitchen/food, baby dolls/some accessories, some puzzles, books, dvd's, some little people sets, blocks, a riding scooter toy, tea sets, crayons/coloring books, a keyboard, her size foam couch, play vaccuum cleaner, rocking horse, and other misc. things. She clearly isn't lacking toys, I know. But, I want to get things that will keep up with her age and be fun, and any new ideas would be great!

-My DH for birthday AND Christmas: I can't do anything SUPER expensive b/c we're on a budget, but I always like to give him something nice or special...he's just hard sometimes! He loves sports, but the first few years of our marriage I had gotten him so many sports things (like from his fav. teams, etc), and I don't know what else I could get him there (thinking about getting him some passes for rounds of golf or something). He works construction, so office/professional work things wouldn't be helpful. He's not into gaming or anything like that, and he's a pretty practical guy. In the past I've gotten him an engraved pocket watch, engraved business card holder (which he doesn't need now anyway), things for work (big thermos, insulated suit for outside, boots, lunchbox, etc), a massage (which he wouldn't use b/c "it was weird for another woman to touch him", and it went to waste...but then he later had one and liked it, so that MIGHT work), clothes, cologne, jewelry, etc. Some of these can be repeats, but again, any new or creative ideas would be awesome!
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