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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Oct 29 to Nov 11

Originally Posted by Sunshine915 View Post
QOTW: laptop with all my pictures, cell phone, and extra socks. I require clean socks at all times.

We weathered the storm just fine up here in NH. We were out of power for about 24 hours, but our internet was still working. We have a portable inverter so we could power some lights and the router/modem/whatever its called. Lots of neighbors and family are still in the dark. Thankfully, it is really mild, so no one is out in the cold. My niece is at NYU and things look pretty terrible there. She's in good shape since the college is taking good care of their students, but she's basically stuck there for awhile. Great way to start off freshman year! I don't know how my BIL and SIL are handling this. They seem calm enough at least.

Still no power at DH's work. If he can't go to work tomorrow (again), he'll probably end up working the weekend. Yuck.

In funnier news, we had a late breakfast (10am) and early dinner (4pm) so I asked DH to take us out for a dessert pizza at around 7. He loved that! Hey, I've only gained 2 pounds this pregnancy, so if baby wants pizza for dessert, then that's what baby gets. I still don't know why the weight isn't sticking, but it's okay. Maybe its because I switched to fruit smoothies for breakfast? I'm 15 pounds overweight anyway, so it's all evened out I guess!
This made me laugh! I am the same way this time around, only I've gained 5. I'm not complaining...and I'm not restricting anything...just trying to eat healthy food and get regular exercise. Nothing extreme
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