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Re: So for Christmas my two year old has asked for...

Originally Posted by danner View Post
Well, we have a baby grand piano. My husband also has a guitar and a clarinet.

My 4 yo daughter has started asking for a guitar, which is nice, but we have the piano and we expect a bit more than her finding middle c before we add instruments.

If we were inclined to add an instrument, it would either be a lyre or a glockenspiel. A guitar is too much, too unwieldy for a 2 year old. Just imo, no judgment. I just think success would be hard to attain or measure. A smaller stringed instrument such as a lyre is very attractive to young children.

I'm not sure why finding middle C on the piano is important as a precursor for playing the guitar? Many people don't enjoy playing the piano who love to play other stringed instruments. I do agree an adult-size guitar is too cumbersome for a child. Success, as far as I'm concerned, is if he retains an interest in music--not if he becomes a virtuoso of the ukulele.

I played the piano for 12 years, the french horn for 6, the violin for 2, handbells, organ, trumpet, melophone ("marching french horn"), harmonica, and took voice lessons. After all of that I prefer to dance and now am a professional bellydancer in addition to my "day job"....but guess how many instruments I play??? Just one- zills (finger cymbals).

So, I support letting a kid explore whatever instrument they want to explore, my question was more is it worth spending the money on a guitar at this age when that's just what they are doing--exploring. I do think it's worth $30 for a ukulele, and heck, I probably would enjoy messing around with it myself. I certainly don't think anyone needs to learn middle C on a piano before they attempt other instruments. In fact, I know some talented pianists who play solely by ear, can't read a note of music, and have no clue where "middle c" is in that respect.

I think playing multiple instruments has given me a lot of unexpected skills... rhythm and an understanding of rhythm and timing, for one.... appreciation for talented individuals who learn and practice their craft.... the ability to dance with feeling to music because I understand the underlying framework of the composition.... and a variety of other coordination-related benefits.
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