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Originally Posted by EcoNaturalBaby View Post
I'm a single mom of four and I left for the same reasons you stated. It's hard financially but worth it emotionally. Feel free to pm me any time : )
Same here! Single mom of four. I am a full time student, so no job or money coming in. I had to get state assistance. We are on food stamps and kids have medicaid. Ex hasn't paid child support in over a year. I can't wait to finish my nursing degree. Then I can support my children on my own. I hate being on assistance, but my kids need to eat!

My parents send me $500 a month to pay utilities and put some gas in my car. My aunt holds my mortgage. Thankfully she is understanding of the fact that she hasn't received a payment in 8 months.

PM me anytime you want to talk or need to vent.
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