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Re: REALLY need suggestions....feel like I'm losing the homeschooling battle :(

My oldest does actually have ADHD, and is very much a hands-on learner, and here's what we use.

Apologia for science
Rod and Staff for grammar (textbook style, somewhat boring, but thorough, so I told her she just has to buck up and do it, but we only do it a couple times a week)
Progeny Press for literature
History Revealed for history -- This is also Bible based, so there will be a lot of scripture in it, at least for the beginning. We are finishing up creation up through the flood right now. However, in all of that, we have researched dams, floods, copper making, made fossils, and a few other things. In the next unit we will continue using the Bible for our main text, but we will be doing other things as well. Before we started using this, we used Truthquest, which we liked, except for the fact that it wasn't real hands-on.

You might also consider Drive Thru History. I have heard it's enjoyable, but haven't used it myself. We have done various videos on Netflix, though. When we did the Revolutionary War, we watched every episode of Liberty's Kids.
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