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Originally Posted by slimy72
Kimmie dont' feel to bad, I"ve been in the mid 150s since May. Nothing I do breaks me out of it. So I've decided rather than trying to loose I'm going to try and tone up and look better at the weight I"m stuck at. Because when I was a toned 155 my pants fit totally differently than they do now and a flabby 155.
I'm dealing w the same issue-- being stuck. It really sucks. I went down to 169 but Im back up to 174. I'm doing the same as you and concentrating more on toning. It's weird that I weigh this much but I'm fitting comfortably into a size 8?? I'm only 24lbs away from goal and it's killing me! So crazy how toning can make such a dramatic difference! Maybe it's bc I've toned up so much that the muscle is what's weighing more...

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