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Re: Swagbucks Challenge Thread - October

I don't think i did the RO offer. RO never loads for me in firefox, so I have to go through IE for it. i usually don't bother to even check it, though. i went back over a month in my ledger and didn't find any RO offer for buy costumes. guess I'm safe.

i don't think it's right to remove swagbucks because of something out of our control. they were cancelling orders for no reason other than it wasn't profitable for them (although, you tick people off and they aren't going to want to return for business later). I placed orders for things I wanted and they cancelled some. items were in stock and there was no reason to cancel. Buy costumes can select things to not be eligible for free shipping through shop runner. they have complete control over that, not the customers. there were some A Christmas Story stickers I wanted, but they weren't free shipping eligible. when you put no minimum on the offer, you should expect people to go under your imaginary line. customers weren't asking for their orders to be cancelled. in fact, I was unhappy that mine was canceled because I really want my dang crepe paper and baking cups. LOL I managed to get them to send the red, but not the green. ugh
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