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Re: Why are retailers dropping Sloomb?

Originally Posted by burnsis View Post
haven't read all of the posts, but I am quite surprised to learn that Sloomb/Sbish is still in business.

They haven't produced quality wool since around 2008? I kept giving the company chances, b/c I loved my old wool by them and Erin was always so nice, but the last thing I pre-ordered from them took FOREVER. When it arrived, the wool was just so thin and had an ugly sheen to it. Let's also not forget the chemical stink. Then there were sizing issues, the same sizes were inches too short or long. Finally, most everything started being made in China.
This is very true- I have maybe 10 of the '08 soakers in medium and large and when I kept purchasing newer wool it wasn't nearly as thick and stretchy- I didn't care for it at all so I never tried any of the fitteds or the knit wool- now I'm so glad I didn't!
I will be destashing some of the amazing interlock medium soakers soon since I'm on my last baby and she is almost 2 1/2.
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