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Re: Destashing...FSOT, Re-diaper, or Ebay??

I've sold in all of those ways and I loathe all of them. Selling fees, hand holding, finding shipping materials, the dreaded post office if necessary, taking pictures, all the back and forth just to set a pickup time, the CL flake outs, and on and on....

I've done "best" locally on CL. Ebay is nice because you can fix your price and set shipping costs. FSOT is nice to avoid fees, but I've never gotten top dollar on anything and seem to only sell a diaper here, a diaper there. I sold to rediaper a long, long time ago. it was more or less a FSOT transaction. All selling avenues are going to have positives and negatives, IMO. I guess it depends on how badly you want to move your diapers. Ebay is quickest with the widest audience. It took me over a month with listings in multiple locations to destash a huge amount of cloth diapers. I wanted top dollar, so I waited for the right buyer and resorted to ebay for the things I got zero bites on elsewhere.
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