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Hand washing, line drying

I am the oldest of 8 children and consider myself a veteran at diaper changing between all my siblings and all my years nannying. I am ashamed to admit that I have zero experience with *cloth* diapering of any sort. Everyone I know has always used disposables.

DH and I are determined to cloth diaper for a myriad of reasons I won't go into. OS AIOs (i.e. bumGenius 4.0) sound wonderful, but they are expensive (a deal breaker for us) and I hear they take the longest to dry. I need a way to wash the dipes by hand in our tub somehow since we only have access to laundromat washers (expensive!). So I need diapers that work well with hand washing and line drying. I'm thinking covers and prefolds might be a good place to start when the time comes?

Any words of wisdom for me? Does anyone else hand wash and line dry their dipes?
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