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Re: Black friday!!

Originally Posted by lady longs View Post
I would love to see something that approaches 20% off (with discount/ freeebies/ shipping all accounted for). As a consumer, anything less than a 20% discount doesn't really make me move any differently than I was already planning to. As a business owner, I have also seen this to be true from people who shop from me.

So, any combination of fun things that brings it close to 20% less than retail is great - buy 5 get 1 free, 10% off plus freebies (I think its GREAT when you offer people a choice on their freebies - 2-3 choices so they can get something they really like!). I don't really like it when freebies are a surprise. That wouldn't move me to purchase more.

I personally don't like sales that give me a discount off future purchases b/c I usually do most of my shopping all at once (I am not a cd addict though making multiple purchases - much more of a minimalist - so you may not wanna take my opinion on that). Plus, I always forget to use my future discounts - so when I see those types of specials, I don't use them. That being said, I do think that a lot of other mamas like that. I think I may be in the minority here.

I don't NEED free shipping, but I do really enjoy it - but any shipping that falls under $5 works for me. Like a flat rate shipping - all orders ship for $3.95 or something like that. If shipping goes over $5, I typically won't buy it (unless I am placing a really large order)
I agree with everything she said, especially the flat rate shipping.
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