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Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9
Fodie- When we run out of food and have them cooped,I cook cheap scratch meals. In a previous post I gave a list of some very cheap get you by meals for them. They are also great treats and warm up meals.

Well Momas, I have just horrible news. I got back from the trip to the Dr. a bit ago and found my little Baby Blue on her back gasping. I tried to give her fingertip drops of chick water but I was too late. The other chick is fine. She was just perfect healthwise. Rambunxious curious baby girl. She dies in my hands. Just the way Malory dies. This is only my second itty fav. I have no clue what could have happened. WTH!!!??? I'm so livid. I'm not only upset that she was prob the only blue I will ever get lucky enough to hatch, but in the 1.5 days we had her, I fell head over heals. Why when I have a fav, it ends like this? My guess is she had an internal malformation or something you couldn't see from the outside. I know she was only here for a very short time, and she was "just" a chick, but I really loved that baby. She already had her own sweet persionality. And, it was the other chick I was worried about because of it's umbilical wound. I had to put a piece of egg membrain on it to stop the bleeding. She didn't hatch well. Oh well, like goes on. She was just one we would have kept as a pet for sure. Even if she turned out to be a roo, we would have kept her. I wanted another blue so bad. I though because of the almost 0 % odds we were so blessed to have her. She's under the climbing tree with malory.

So, I may be a bit mia for a little bit while Cayden does his online eval/placement for the new hs he just got in. Also, have to do all this work with him and it's more one on one than we normally do. We did sign up in time today to get him in his first field trip on a local farm tomorrow. Loads of fun stuff planned if we don't freeze our bums off.

Hope everyone is having a better halloween than us. ope we all have a safe fun night. Happy halloween momas.
So sorry to hear about Baby Blue,. I think that might be the hardest part for me once we get chickens is the unexplained deaths. Hopefully you will get lucky again and get another blue one.
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