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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 29th

Rebecca good luck with the FET today!

Robin-sorry about the down day. I've had plenty of those during all my years battling IF and people around don't make it better. (like my ILs who pretty much told us we were crazy to consider a 3rd and reacted like the m/c in February was a blessing).

Laurel-not sure what exactly those results mean but FWIW I've been on steroids, extra Folic acid, baby aspirin and heparin shots for all my pregnancies and it's a 'could help-won't hurt' kinda thing. (LOL okay the heparin shots DO hurt but only me not the baby!)

AFM-10w now and gaining some confidence. The perinatologist I'm seeing said he expects this to be a take home baby. We saw a happily bouncing bean on Tuesday's u/s-complete with arm and leg movements. And yes-I cried!
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