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Ditching my pockets for flats

It seems unthinkable, but I am really considering it. We have ridiculously hard water here in southern TX, and it's a pain to get my pockets clean. I've been using BG 4.0s with Doopsy hemp/bamboo inserts, and the inserts just seem to be holding onto ammonia like crazy, despite stripping attempts. that and the interior lining of the bg 4.os keeps getting buildup and giving my DD a rash.

I've had the opportunity the last month or so to only diaper in flats in flip covers, as my husband and I were traveling and often didn't have access to optimal washing conditions. I've found myself falling in love. I was mostly worried that the wetness against her skin would cause a rash, but it seems to be the opposite. She only had one slight rash the entire month, and it was because she had a poo at the beginning of a nap(I was sleeping alongside her) and she sat in it for however long it was from the time she pooped till the time she woke up, and it was gone in two diaper changes, no rash cream necessary. By contrast, we just got home from traveling, and she has a tiny ope sore down there after only a day back in her pockets, and I thoroughly washed(and bleached the **** out of!) everything before we left.

In short, I've about had it with pockets, time to put my diaper rite flats and 15 flip covers(don't judge me! There were sooo many seconds sales...and buy 2 get one sales, and the colors! I needed the colors! *glances around shiftily and pets lovelace cover*) to good use, and put the BGs away.

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