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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by greenmommyx2 View Post
I'm dealing w the same issue-- being stuck. It really sucks. I went down to 169 but Im back up to 174. I'm doing the same as you and concentrating more on toning. It's weird that I weigh this much but I'm fitting comfortably into a size 8?? I'm only 24lbs away from goal and it's killing me! So crazy how toning can make such a dramatic difference! Maybe it's bc I've toned up so much that the muscle is what's weighing more...

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It sure does. When I hit 155 I was doing 30ds and was feeling pretty good. I bought a bunch of size 10 clothes and large shirts and they fit. Now they are all getting tight but I'm the exact same weight. We must be build very differently though if at 169 you can fit in an 8. I'm 155 and barely a 10, but I'm a shortie only 5' 5" (ok not super short but not tall either) and often have to hem pants up to fit.

Oh, and this halloween candy is going to be the death of me
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