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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
It sure does. When I hit 155 I was doing 30ds and was feeling pretty good. I bought a bunch of size 10 clothes and large shirts and they fit. Now they are all getting tight but I'm the exact same weight. We must be build very differently though if at 169 you can fit in an 8. I'm 155 and barely a 10, but I'm a shortie only 5' 5" (ok not super short but not tall either) and often have to hem pants up to fit.

Oh, and this halloween candy is going to be the death of me
At 155 I wear a size 14. Even toned, I wear a size 14. Maybe a few 12's, depending on how they are cut. I am 5'3" and have a very large frame. As in, I probably couldn't get below 150 and look healthy. It's a little frustrating sometimes.

Well, this week has been a bust healthwise, but I'm trying to do better today. It's almost 10 and I'm just now having breakfast, but it's a healthy breakfast (kefir and fruit smoothie -- strawberries, banana, pineapple, and mango). I am going to work out in a few minutes, as well. I'm starting with yoga this morning and will then do something on the Wii, I think. The elliptical is nice, as it burns calories in a shorter amount of time, but I am just not in the mood to get on it.
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