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Re: Hurtful comments about family size...

When we were young (sigh), our family thought we were very irresponsible to keep "having" children (and most were devout Catholic). After having my tubes tied, mostly due to pressure and my own sense of "am I doing the right thing"? I was devastated. However my family was VERY relieved and chatted about their relief to everyone they knew 12 years later I had a reversal (quietly and without advertising to the fam) and our newest is 3.5. We are older parents of 8 children, I'm almost 45 and dh 53 and we have learned a few things. Our children are a joy and our Little Big Boy is the light of EVERYONE'S life and our family can't get enough of him. Knowing what I know now, I would NEVER have let others comments get under my skin (although they may hurt). We got the same thing when we started homeschooling (over 20 years ago it was NOT popular) and we were the subject of everyone's conversation, we were strange and unreasonable... but today our family brags about it and how it is such a "positive thing". I don't know why people expect their opinions to change others, I'm sorry people are hurtful, but remember this: It DOES get better and as time passes you will be happier if you lived your life the way you are led to lead it. Just my
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