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Re: Black friday!!

personally I want to pick my freebie, or at least have it the same item as what I am buying. I have seen a few websites that offer freebies with purchases of say bumgenious but they pick what they give you and I will always walk away from that I want to know what I am getting! and to me trial size freebies are an insult unless of course there is a lot of them, of several different things! I pretty much want buy a few get TWO free deals! I am new to buying cloth diapers, and we are pregnant with our first (due in April) so maybe this is nonexhistant in the CD world. I want prices that will rival what I can get them for used. and with Christmas coming up and then my birthday and a baby shower in January I am planning to save and spend a lot on diapers on black friday as well as have people get them as gifts for me but the deals have to be good!!!!

where are the best places to look for the deals (web links please) this is basically the only place I know to shop for CD, so help me out!
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