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Re: Gift ideas for DD and DH?? Help! :)

Originally Posted by stephbrown13 View Post
What kind of construction does he do? My DH just got these awesome noise canceling headphones that he can plug his phone or an ipod into and they will play music while canceling out the outside noise (so good for tractor work, jackhammering etc). Also if it's his phone plugged in it will ring through the headphones which he loves because otherwise he never hears it if he's at a loud jobsite.

Otherwise I like getting gift certificates or tickets for fun experiences. Horseback riding, hot springs, zip lines, comedy shows, concerts etc. Our local college has a performing arts center with a lot of awesome shows. We just saw Alton Brown and he was hilarious.

If he loves sports maybe some tickets or passes to a local team?

For your DD does she like to dress up? After halloween you could see if there are any fun costumes on clearance and make her a dress up box.
Well, he works in a lab (I still consider construction b/c it is still along that line of work, just not the heavy side of it, and it isn't a clean job), and I casually asked him last night if it gets loud around him at work. He said sometimes, so the headphones could be a good idea for his phone. He doesn't have an ipod, and wouldn't use one at work anyway b/c the nature of his job requires a lot of concentration on the formulas and stuff.

These are a lot of excellent ideas, thank you all so much, and keep them coming!!
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