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Re: Black friday!!

Originally Posted by Kabuki24 View Post
So when a retailers says "Free XX if you spend over $xx" you'd like maybe a choice. What about something like this:

"Spend over $49 and get either your choice of xx, xx, xx OR a surprise"...
So, the buyers that want surprises get their surprises but the buyer that doesn't want to be surprised gets what they want. Sound good?
YES! The "Spend over 49 and get a surprise" deals scare me. I'm extremely picky about my CD supplies and I want what I want and not what someone else picks for me. I do not buy items with deals like that because I know I most likely won't use the freebie anyway so it's not an incentive. The last freebie I got it still sitting on DDs changing table 5-6 months later if that tells you anything.
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