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Hey Ladies!

Sooo, I started the diet on Oct 16th or 18th (can't remember?) and I had to go off of it a week later. I became very ill and couldn't handle it while so sick. I gained my loss back. I feel like garbage for it all. And then of course...Halloween. Sigh. I loaded for an extra day. I had no willpower.

Today is Day 1 of VLCD. I will NOT give up this time! I did so great my first round...I'm not sure why it's so hard the second time around.

I plan to stay on the diet up until Thanksgiving and take a "scheduled break" and continue until Dec 15th when I go see my family for the holidays. Does that sound like a plan, a good one? I gain weight ALWAYS in these two months so I figured being on a very restricted diet will be best.

Do we have a November thread? How is everyone else doing? Better than me I hope!!
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