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Originally Posted by corinne76
I have fallen off the healthy wagon and seriously need to get back on it. I think I worked out maybe 3 times in October. I was doing so well with the eating and then my bday, lunches with family, hotel stays all happened.
My plan is that I'm going to start eating better NOW. and next week I will go back to running and lifting. I'm going to make myself do it. I need to
You can do it! Start today! This time last year I had fallen off the wagon and just let it go. I had been tracking on MFP and lost 14 lbs. Then we had family visit, I stopped tracking and just didn't get back in the habit. Then the holidays came... I went back to overeating and too much junk and gained back 10 lbs. And now I'm finally back in the groove and it feels awesome. I will not quit this time!

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