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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 29th

I just want to give everyone a hug of support. Everyone needs a hug of support all the time. This TTC road sure can be hell at times. Sorry for the word but it is. I sure hope you all are doing good.

AFM: Sitting an waiting for Tuesday to get here for my post-op appt. I sure hope to get great news. Also don't have no ideal when the witch will be here. I thought be here on Halloween but nope. If not seen her when go to my Appt I'm going to ask when is a person suppose to start after having all that done. If the witch not here by the time go for my Appt I'm afraid will be told can't even TTC til the witch shows. So for now I'm no the edge of waiting for AF to get here an still nothing. It seems if can't TTC until later part of NOV that means that more likely if not pregnant in DEC will not be having treatments til Jan which will be a big blow.

So for now I'm worried about my up coming post-op appt , when is AF going to show an when will we be aloud to TTC again.

Pray that the witch shows very soon..
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