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Re: How can I turn this breech baby

It is doubtful that he is too big to turn at 34 weeks, the ultrasound can make sure there is enough fluid for him to turn, but won't telly you anything accurate about the size of your baby (and don't believe them if they do tell you it is accurate, after 34 weeks all utrasound weight measurements are +/-2 lbs in accuracy).

You still have time for him to turn. My midwife told me of moms whose breech babies turned in early labor so there is always hope. Before my baby started turning at 37 weeks, he had been breech since at least 32 weeks. He wasn't a flipper, he just sat there head in my ribs and feet kicking down (wierdest feeling ever) the whole time and he still had room to turn, he just didn't want to turn. I also did a lot of "belly dancing" hoping it would give him room to turn. I know having a breech baby is SUPER stressful. If you can, take some time and try and relax, of course it is so much easier to say than do. I hope he turns for you soon.
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