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Originally Posted by Leaner
My 1st was born in the hossy, epidural, episiotomy etc (6 pounds 14 ounces, teeny one) My mom, dad and grandma were there.
#2 born at home after an external cephalic version because she was breech at 37 weeks. Mom, dad, sister, (my) sister, midwives and hubby were there. (8 pounds)
#3 born at home. Mom, dad, both of her sisters, my midwives and hubby there. (8# 12)

#4... I think I want to have Quattro at the hossy with JUST my hubby there. I want it to be special for us, just us. But I worry that my oldest daughter will feel left out, and my parents have been at all of my births and I worry that they'll be felt out.
My sister said that she had her 3rd with just hubby and it was such a great experience. I feel like he's sort of missed out because we weren't together when #1 was born. And my family has surrounded us every other time. Plus I need my parents to keep my 19 month old (who will be 27 months) occupied and my 7 yo won't want to watch I don't think.

Should I feel guilty about wanting it this way? I'll probably change my mind closer to the birth, and I haven't decided 100% on hossy instead of home. But I spend a lot of time with this, because my last birth was not one of those beautiful homebirths, and I was really disappointed and unhappy afterwards. (Not because of her being a girl, but there were a lot of issues and pain).
I would just say you want it to be the two of you meeting your new baby and having a sweet family moment together.
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