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Re: MyVeryBest diapers with gussets. Appliqued and scrappy diapers.

Adding some action pics to help anyone looking at these dipes!

This is the newborn/small AI2, I use a trifolded prefold inside.
These first two pics are at just a couple days old - she was born at 7 pounds 4 ounces:

These were one of my favorites for before the cord dropped off (the other favorite was dappi nylon pull on covers). Other covers were too tall in the rise, or were the right rise but tended to ride up over time and rub the cord. These never rode up and rubbed the cord and the gussets are oh so soft on the legs!

At about 3 weeks I undid the rise snaps. This pic is at a month old and about ten pounds:

They are still one of my favorites, very trim and gentle!
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