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Re: Is there a statute of limitations on DiaperSwappers mod-issued warnings?

Originally Posted by expaik View Post
This is tremendously helpful and reassuring. Thank you!

I do check the threads to see if I have anything listed, but sometimes I am pretty sure I don't have anything so I don't check, and that's when it bites me in the butt. For example, I might list makeup in "Personal Care" and completely forget that I have nursing clothing listed under that category - because I think I have that listed in the Maternity/Breastfeeding category (or other cross-postable stuff).

If you ever need me to run a check on what threads are where, I am happy to help!

You can also run an advanced search and look for threads by you in certain forums. That is the quickest way to be sure that the thread you are about to start will be the only one in that forum.

I have made this same mistake. I caught my last one before a mod or member did though and since I didn't get caught I wasn't sure if I should issue myself a warning or not

I think I'm going to run go check my threads now
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