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Re: oil pulling

I would guess that your "toothache" may be related to the sinus issues more than you think. All of the nerves in that area, sinus/ear/jaw relay together. Ear pain can actually be translated into jaw pain and vice versa. Have you ever tried a OTC allergy med? I'm pretty bad right now as well and Allegra works for me. I second a neti pot or rinse. Why does it scare you? I think it's the best thing ever. I'm especially prone to sinus infections and bronchitis. I would have 1-2 infections yearly until I found the neti pot thanks to the mamas on here. I haven't had an infection in 3 yrs and no serious colds either. I've never heard of oil pulling. I wonder what my dentist would think about that. I have a lot of work being done right now, years of neglecting my teeth.
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