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I am a bit uninspired to clean or do much today, so I knew that I could use a list to try to keep me on task. My little ones are refusing to take their afternoon naps now, tho!

Friday's to-do list:

* make the bed -
* Clean kitchen, run dishwasher - DONE
* Unload dishwasher
* Laundry - whites (fold and put away)
* Laundry - darks (put away)
* Laundry - diapers (wash and hang)
* evening: wipe down kitchen sink & counters, tidy up living room

* read devotional and pray - DONE
* read and snuggle with the kids - DONE lots of
* wrap birthday presents for parties this weekend

List for the week:
* upload photos to Snapfish
* sort through a box or two in basement
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