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Re: QUICK! What do you use bacon grease for?

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
So yummy to grease your cast iron with it and bake corn bread. (Real corn bread not sweet johnny cake like jiffy.)

You can filter it and save it in the fridge. I'm guilty of doing that. In the south I often saw people just put it in a jelly jar or a metal container and leave it on the stove. I also use it for bean soup. But I happen to think that a little natural animal fat is good on occasion. Your body knows how to process it. (And kiddos need FAT to develop and grow.)
I'm not a fan of jiffy either, but my husband loves it. So, over the years, I have modified the recipe to use buttermilk instead of milk and add chopped onions and it is SOOO good. It totally takes away the sweet taste so now my husband and I are both happy!
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