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November goals!!!

Clean and organize baby's closet - done
Clean and organize baby's dresser -done
Clean out toys from baby's room
Organize and clean out big kids closet - almost done, just need some bins
Clean out 1/2 of garage - about 1/2 done
Wash carpets
Clean out basement tub
Major clean-up of playroom
Clean under kitchen and bathroom sinks
Clean out linen closet
Clean out coat closet
Go through 5 boxes in basement
Organize laundry room
Organize kitchen supply shelves in laundry room
List wool and diapers

Weekly goals (things done on e a week)
Clean all three bathrooms
Deep vacuum
Clean windows and glass
Clean bathrooms
Clean kitchen
clothes to laundry room and sorted

Daily goals (things that will be done each day)
Empty dishwasher
Laundry in washer
Switch laundry
Morning eBay
Kids breakfast
Clean up breakfast
Make beds
Make sure kids clean bedroom
eBay (30mins)

Kids lunch
Clean up kitchen after lunch
Work on daily task (something from my monthly list, once a week I do my weekly list during this time)
Fold clothes
Clothes away
eBay (30 mins)

Clean up all toys in main room
Load and run dishwasher
Spot mop kitchen
Wipe down table
Wipe down island
Paperwork away
eBay (30 mins)

Last month was terrible. I swear it took me 3 weeks to recover from the stomach bug. I got us back in track though (finally!!!) day to day wise, but I need to catch up on tasks!!!!

I have a lot of monthly goals listed. I know some might get pushed into december, but I wanted them all recorded here so I don't forget all I would LOVE to get done this month.
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