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Re: What will you diaper your newborn in?

I didn't think I could convince my husband to let me CD if I even brought up prefolds so I skipped those all together (tho I may consider grabbing a few later on as back ups for wash days if need be). To start out so far I have 4 nb workhorses w/snaps and 18 w/outm(and two snappis), 3KL0s one thirsties xs cover and one thirsties duo size 1. I plan to get a few more covers to go with the fitteds and hopefully around 10 or so Kawaii P&Ns as a more friendly option for my husband or anyone else that may change her diaper as well as while out and about. I'm hoping this will give me enough to wash EOD and I'm hoping the Kawaii P&Ns will allow me a little wiggle room to more slowly buy my OS stash as I believe they will fit for a few months.
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