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Re: Anyone Else Keep Their Kids Off Dairy? Gluten? Food Dyes? Processed Foods? Etc?

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
I don't know if going dairy/gluten free has as much impact as going GMO free. It's really interesting if you want to do some research on the health impact of GMOs. Many people remove GMOs from their diet when they are "allergic" to gluten, dairy, etc... And find that they can reintroduce the previously "allergic" foods in non-GM form and they no longer have an inflammatory allergic response.
I removed gluten and dairy for myself for one year to heal my endometriosis. It is the only thing that helped me. I accidentally had three non gmo multigrain chips in my chili and I had a horrible reaction to it. Eating bin gmo might work for people without a true intolerance, but it doesn't for me. I was so well before he accidental ingestion,but have been in pain for 7 weeks from 3 little chips.
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