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Re: November - Share your goals and progress

I'm going to start by listing my big goals for the month and then try to come back each day to post a few things I need to accomplish in addition to my regular chore chart and to get some motivation. Something about seeing other people's to do lists just gives me a little bit of motivation when I'm feeling otherwise exhausted from pregnancy and day to day life with 3 little ones. DH also came to me the other night and let me know that he was burnt out on what he does for a living and on living around here. I am over living here too so this got me pretty excited. We still need to talk a lot, and it's definitely not something that will happen anytime soon, but it's given me a major boost. If we're going to do a big move in the next year or so I want to make sure I have everything the way that I want it when the time comes so that it goes smoothly and we can start a fresh new life without clutter

Major goals for November:
-Minimize and organize bathroom stuff
-Get the toy storage figured out and start the pre-Christmas toy purge. DONE. Well still need to continue the purge, but I've purged a ton and put most of the stuff upstairs organized on shelves in the kids closets.
-Get the whole clothing mess dealt with. I got in way over my head trying to do way too much at once. This month is mainly going to be focused on listing, donating or storing all of the clothing we don't need to have in use right now. I have several bins of stuff to deal with so this is a huge project.
-I'd like to be done with my NB & 0-3 month clothing plus blankets, socks, hats... things of that nature. I know this isn't really minimizing, but I've been stressed about it and I figure if I can get this out of the way then I can really focus on everything else. - Mostly done. Decided I'm crocheting my own hats so I still need to do that, but we're good on clothes, socks, blankets, stuff like that.
-Replace my dishes and get the old ones out of here. Again, not really minimizing, but I've broken most of mine and have been using wayyyyy too much paper stuff lately because of it. I want to get a nice set that's the right amount for us to hopefully last us a while.
-Clean out the coffee table drawer..... again DONE
-Clean out the cabinet where I've been storing all of DD's stuff she brings home from school every day. Need to figure out how much/what I'm saving and store it and get rid of everything else because it's taking over the whole house. DONE

To do list for tomorrow 11/3 in addition to my chore chart:
-Clean out coffee table (Done)
-Start on DD's school stuff cabinet (Started on this, will probably finish Monday)
-Fold the two loads of laundry I need to catch up on (Done, have another load or two coming out this evening that will get folded when the kids go to bed though)
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