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Originally Posted by Connor

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OP, has anything changed? Your DD sleeping longer stretches at night? Eating more solids and nursing less during the day, etc?
I cannot think of anything that has changed. Recently she had been waking twice a night instead of once like usual. This lasted for just over a week and has stopped for the last 4 days or so. My supply has been dropping for at least a week. It's strange that its dropping off when she was waking more... Unless she was waking more because she was hungry because she hasn't gotten enough. She is eating the same solids as she had been and really is nursing the same. I'm stumped. I hate how frustrated and sad she is with nursing right now. She pulls so gosh darn hard on my nipples trying to get more milk out... They are just so sore now... She's frustrated, I'm sore... This just sucks! If I do end up having to supplement, I can't even wrap my head around how to do that. Would I still pump when she's getting formula or do I let that feeding slip away? It seems like the time of day that is the worst for me is when she nurses when I get home from work with her at 4. There's hardly ever anything.
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