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Re: Does anyone really go birth to potty in one size?

I voted sized. We used traditional sized infant prefolds for the nb stage and then to premium diapers. After only a few weeks in those we switched to GMD toddler (green edge)diapers because of width. My son had a 22"-23" waist by the time he was 4 months old. Since we pin and snappi no way were the 13" wide premium diapers going around him. Now he is down to a 21" waist and fits nicely width wise in the large or brown edge GMD prefolds but really could use the length of the medium or red edge GMD prefolds. We use shorties or longies as covers so no one size on covers either. Although I did make some upcycled longies for him last year that fit nicely this year. They were long on him then and fit perfectly now.
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