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Originally Posted by AniMommy
I was GBS + and my mw suggested a membrane sweep. I too had read the same thing about it not being a good idea. I brought it up with mw and she disagreed. I have to trust my mw more than dr. Google.

I think you're doing the right thing to educate yourself. This way you can ask your dr/mw why this way and not that way? What are the risks and benefits? What happens if we do nothing? I am no proponent of inductions but there are medically necessary reasons to do them and they're a lot of different ways to do them.
Ask the mw/dr what is the med necessary reason for suggesting induction?

Really educating yourself and having a dialogue with yr provider is the way to go. I write down my questions before hand so I don't forget or get confused. I ask questions in a manner that I hope is respectful. I expect to be talked to in a respectful manner that answers my question on a level I get.

Knowledge is power!

I've also had a membrane sweep while GBS+. I had already been administered antibiotics for two hours at that point. MW also broke my water that delivery.

You are doing a great job of asking questions and reading. I totally agree with making a list. I am on baby #6 and I still read, read, read, and ask tons of questions.
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